PayPal To Accounting Automation

Easy transactions and fees posting management.

Get It Done Faster, Easier and With More Details

Gain complete control of all transactions before they are entered into your accounting system.

Seamless sync

Sort by Sales, Payments, Transfers, Refunds, and Other. Get additional breakdown for Shipping and Tax. Selectively sync your current PayPal transactions or fees only with just a single click.


Record sales, payments and/or fees automatically. Simply assign or use default accounts and hit submit. System will remember your assignments for the next time.


Easy Reconciliation

All transactions go into your QuickBooks Online account. Sales, Payments, detailed fees (or fees only), Transfers are recorded accurately making monthly reconciliation of PayPal statements quick and easy.

14-day free trial. No credit card required to join. Cancel anytime.

Powerful features, simply designed

As Easy As 1-2-3

Set your Accounting on Autopilot with just few clicks.  PayPal to Accounting will create Sales records,  record fees as expenses, post refunds, match Transfers to Deposits and more. We also record such details that PayPal does not provide in their own feed – tax amounts, shipping and insurance collected.

Batch Sales Transactions

Do you have a large number of monthly transactions? Or simply want to reduce the number of sales records going into your accounting system? Instead of hundreds or thousands of individual sales records system aggregates into 30 daily summarized transactions. Select Batch mode ON and let system do the heavy work for you.

Multi Currency Auto Conversion

Simple multi-currency solution for your accounting. Our app has built in currency converter: any transaction recorded in currency different from your Home currency of your QuickBooks Online will be systematically and accurately converted into the same currency. Easy.

Simplify bookkeeping and more…

PayPal to Accounting serve as a bridge between PayPal and QuickBooks Online. Save time with automated matching of PayPal transfers and mapping of payments to Vendors and existing Bills or Expenses. Get to see quick, reliable and hassle-free charts and insights.

14-day free trial. No credit card required to join. Cancel anytime.

Managing Your Business Doesn’t Have to Be Hard.

Transactions from PayPal are organized and easily recorded into QuickBooks Online. User controls what to post and how to post it, processing complete transactions or fees only.

What others are saying

“I am so happy we decided to go with this App. Our business is strictly run through PayPal and has a lot of moving parts. We have a PayPal working capital, PayPal CC/Bill me later acct, PP debit card & currency conversion transactions. Along with transfers to our operating bank account. They have taken the time out to understand our business needs and programmed the App accordingly. Gennady has been AMAZING to work with. I highly recommend this App, especially for those with E-Commerce companies.”

– Carmella Pulsinelli

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