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  • 1000 transactions per month included
  • Additional monthly transactions – $19 per 1000
  • Optional automated daily transaction sync to Accounting
  • Batch sales transactions into 30 daily records
  • Easy switch between individual and batch transactions
  • Sync sales, refunds, payments and transfers
  • Segregate tax, shipping and insurance amounts
  • Flexible chart of accounts assignment
  • Automated multi-currency conversion into your home currency (accounting)
  • Match and memorize customers
  • Assign and memorize vendors to payees
  • Match transfers and deposits automatically
  • Memorize and reassign chart of accounts for vendors/payees
  • Quickly search and find any transaction
  • Analyze spending or sales on customer/vendor levels

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Frequently asked questions

Does this app integrated with Intuit QuickBooks Online only?

At this moment we are only integrated with QuickBooks Online accounting system. In our roadmap there is an integration with Xero accounting software, however its ETA is not available.

Am I able to add multiple users?

Sync to Accounting app does not multiple users. Single account access only. However we are not limiting how many users (IP) can be accessed with the same shared credentials.

Is there any free trial?

Yes, there is a free 2 weeks trial. Set up an account and get started. That’s all there is to it. It takes few minutes and you will start saving time by automating your process.

How you handle multi-currency transactions?

We know that it is not easy to deal with multiple currencies and its processing can be huge pain. We have developed the solution to manage this complexity easily and systematically. Our proprietary algorithm of currency conversion is simple and seamless. Multi-currency transactions are being converted automatically by the system into home currency transactions.

What if the home currency of my accounting is different from PayPal default primary currency?

Yea,.. this is the issue. In the case of discrepancy of primary PayPal account and Intuit home currency – we are not able to process transactions properly. They must be aligned. It is like “comparing apples and oranges”. Sorry about that. We cannot do the magic yet.

Can I get the historical data and sync it to my accounting system?

Sure, you can buy as much historical data as you want. It is still going to the the same price – $19 per month going backwards. This $19 covers up to 1000 transaction for the month. Example:
Say, you want to go back 6 month and sync history into the app for review and processing to your accounting system. Price will be calculated: 6 x $19 = $114. Estimated transnational limit for last 6 months = 6000. After you prepay this amount – we will go ahead and bring these transactions.
If you exceed the limit (mentioned above) of transactions during this time (6 months) – you will be asked to pay additional prorated cost based on transaction count.

Can I connect 2 PayPal accounts in one app?

Unfortunately, it is not possible. Only single PayPal account can be connected to a single QuickBooks Online account.

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